The manufacturing firm and head office is located in Adelaide, South Australia.
Yes, we service clients globally.
You can contact the Customer Service team via email or phone on 1800 960 948 from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm ACST Monday to Friday. Please allow 1 business day for a reply to emails.
It depends on the type of product requested. Our Customer Service team consults one on one with client requests and then liaises with our Operation team before advising client’s respective MOQs.
Once the client’s product is set up in our manufacturing system, the lead time to execute orders is approximately 20 business days.
Yes, as long as it meets our safety requirements and is deemed non-hazardous.


Primarily viscose and bamboo but can utilize other fabrics for specific client needs.
Soft packs can be offered from packs of 5 wipes up to packs of 150 wipes.
Yes, we also offer single-use sachet wipes.
yes, we offer a range of wipes with different fragrances, including natural grades.


Wet wipe solutions contain typically 97% water or greater. Once used the solution dries out and will not impact the compost.
Yes – they are. If used wipes are soiled with matter that is not able to be composted, then they should not be placed in compost bins. Read more ...
They are certified to the European standard – EN13432. As the AS4736 & AS5810 standards refer to biodegradable plastics and packaging, they do not meet the criteria for these standards.


They are made from FSC Certified Viscose and Bamboo. It is a fibre made from natural sources such as wood and agricultural products regenerated as cellulose fibre. FSC Certified Viscose and Bamboo is sourced and produced from sustainably managed plantations.
We have partnered with world-leading fibre/fabric manufacturers in Europe and Asia to produce the highest quality materials to meet our specifications.


None of our products are tested on animals.
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