Our Wipes

Welcome to The Hygiene Co., where we take pride in revolutionising hygiene solutions tailored to your unique needs. From baby wipes to flushable wipes, to household cleaning wipes and more, we offer a wide range and variety of customisable wipe solutions. As Australia’s specialist innovator and manufacturer of wet wipe products, we aim to provide a wide range of wet wipes designed for everyday use that are safe on our bodies, with our families and in our homes.


In the medical field, our wipes go beyond basic standards, providing a reliable defence against pathogens in healthcare settings. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and sterile environment, and our medical-grade wipes deliver on that promise.


For those who appreciate a touch of luxury in their skincare routine, our cosmetic wipes are designed to refresh and cleanse without compromise. We get that skincare is personal, and our wipes are here to make your routine more convenient and enjoyable.


When it comes to tackling dirt and grime, our cleaning wipes are up for the challenge. Whether at home or in industrial settings, our wipes are engineered for maximum effectiveness, ensuring a spotless environment every time.


In response to the growing demand for sustainable options, our flushable wipes offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution. We are certified to flush, which means we’ve not only gone through rigorous testing to comply with the Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 5328 Standard for Flushable Products but our total processes, from materials we source through to how we manufacture our wipes, have been independently audited. We are the first company in the world that is Certified to Flush in accordance with AS/NZS5328.

Promotional and Give Aways

Promote your business with small run, branded plastic free, Australian made wet wipes. Soft pack and canister options available. Contact us on 1800 960 948   for further information.

Products and Services

Soft Pack

Soft Packs

Compostable and Flushable wet wipes in varying sizes, textures and folds for industry specific needs. A variety of packaging options are offered for branded soft packs, from medical wipes through to wipes for fast moving consumer goods. Soft packs can be produced based on dosing solutions provided by the client, or can be customised and formulated by our internal lab teams to meet client specifications.

Biodegradable Canisters


Compostable wipes produced with a perforated edge that are packaged into canisters to enable individual wipes to be removed from a closed cap opening. Ideally suited for a wide variety of industry needs including medical, industrial and consumer goods. A variety of canister options and sizes are available to suit client needs and fabric specifications.

Biodegradable - Tub

Bulk Rolls/Tubs

Compostable wipes produced in bulk roll quantities from 100 to 1500 individual wipes specifically designed for public areas with high usage or commercial/industrial applications. Dosed to respective client solution needs, offered in standard or customised roll sizes to fit existing bulk wipe dispensing systems.

Sachet Compostable


Compostable wipes produced in single or dual packs for industry specific applications where single use wipes are needed. Able to be dosed with a variety of solutions and individually branded and packaged to client specifications.

Solutions and laboratory options

The Hygiene Co. group, manufacture in Australia at our standalone automated facility with medical level quality processes. From our labs to the production lines, we develop, innovate and manufacture wipes in soft packs, canisters, bulk tubs and refills with a wet wipe for every home and workplace.

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